In addition to our full funding services, PBO offers Self Funding Client Packets for those clients who wish to handle the funding of their trusts.  This flat fee service consists of a funding packet, similar to the full funding version, which will supply your client with the basic documents and information needed to help them successfully fund their trust.

The Self Funding Client Packet is also well suited for law offices wishing to retain in-house funding but looking for a reliable, cost effective process for obtaining the forms, letters and instructions needed to facilitate their clients' trust funding.

Click below for more information on what to submit to PBO as well as our fee schedule:

"I always recommend PBO Solutions as the most professional, efficient and cost effective way to fund the trusts of my clients and provide written verification of funding. My trust in PBO is based upon years of dealings with them in comparison to other funding services with whom I have not been satisfied. So many thanks to PBO for providing a solution to what I describe to clients as the #1 trust planning problem."

- Michael J. Wittick
  Law Offices of Michael J. Wittick
a Professional Law Corporation