Our Full Funding Service allows your office to utilize PBO as a supplement to your funding staff.  We gather and prepare all the letters and forms needed to fund the assets specified by the law office.  PBO handles bank, investment, brokerage, stock, insurance, annuity and retirement plan assets.

Once the document packet has been signed by the client, your office returns it to PBO for processing.  We mail everything to the institutions and follow up to obtain verification that the requested actions were completed.  Your office will then receive a closing packet containing the confirmations for each asset.

This option enables your staff to remain the point of contact for your client.  PBO acts as your back office, removing the time consuming burden of researching, gathering and preparing your clients' funding documents.

Click below for more information on what to submit to PBO as well as our fee schedule:

" Our office funded client trusts in-house for several years. The process was extremely frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.  The clash between billing fixed fees for planning while feeling the need to bill hourly plus expenses for funding was jarring, and not supportive of good client relations.  We were constantly cutting fees while finding it nearly impossible to ever complete the funding of our clients' non-real estate accounts.

We now use PBO Solutions, LLC for funding of non-real estate accounts.  The duration of the process is now finite and reasonable, on average being about 1/3 to 1/2 of the formerly typical 6-9 months.

The staff at PBO knows what they are doing, and have access to all the right forms.  They know the quirks of dealing with different companies.  PBO drafts the letters to the companies (under our instructions) then follows up with the companies to confirm that the asset has been funded into the client's trust.  They are relentless with follow-up, something that's virtually impossible in a small but busy law office.

Best of all, working in partnership with PBO, we can provide services and show the value to the clients in a way that hourly rate detailed billing can't.  We get to counsel about reasons for funding and typical problems.  The clients still see us assembling the data from them.  And they see all the correspondence.  But when there are difficulties, they can see it against the backdrop of all our efforts.  They know we and PBO are working for them.

Without reservation, I recommend giving PBO Solutions, LLC a chance to show what they can do for your clients and firm!"
David M. Frisse
Frisse & Brewster Law Offices, LLC
Paris, IL and
Terre Haute, IN